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  Texas Royalty properties are located in 33 Texas counties.

  Waddell Ranch properties are located in Crane county.

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The net overriding royalty interests held by the Trust are carved out of high-quality producing oil and gas properties located primarily in West Texas. A production index for oil and gas properties is the number of years derived by dividing remaining reserves by current production. The production index for the Trust properties based on the reserve report prepared by independent petroleum engineers as of December 31, 2008, is approximately 6.8 years. The net profits/overriding royalty interest in the Waddell Ranch properties is the largest asset of the Trust. The mineral interests in the Waddell Ranch, from which such net royalty interests are carved vary from 37.5% (Trust net interest) to 50% (Trust net interest) in 78,715 gross acres and 34,205 net acres, containing 859 gross (396 net) productive oil wells, 170 gross (76 net) productive gaswells and 292 gross (131 net) injection wells.

Six major fields on the Waddell Ranch properties account for more than 90% of the total production. In the six fields, there are 12 producing zones ranging in depth from 2,800 to 10,600 feet. Most prolific of these zones are the Grayburg and San Andres, which produce from depths between 2,800 and 3,400 feet. Productive from the San Andres are the Sand Hills (Judkins) gas field and the Sand Hills (McKnight) oil field, the Dune (Grayburg/San Andres) oil field, and the Waddell (Grayburg/San Andres) oil field.

The Dune and Waddell oil fields are productive from both the Grayburg and San Andres formations. The Sand Hills (Tubb) oil fields produce from the Tubb formation at depths averaging 4,300 feet, and the University Waddell (Devonian) oil field is productive from the Devonian formation between 8,400 and 9,200 feet.

All of the major oil fields on the Waddell Ranch properties are currently being water flooded. Engineering studies and 3-D seismic evaluations on these fields indicate the potential for increased production through infill drilling, modifications of existing water flood techniques and installation of larger capacity pumping equipment. Capital expenditures for remedial and maintenance activities during 2008 totaled approximately $24.1 million.

The Texas Royalty properties, out of which the other net overriding royalty was carved, are located in 33 counties across Texas. The Texas Royalty properties consist of approximately 125 separate royalty interests containing approximately 303,000 gross (51,000 net) producing acres. Approximately 41% of the future net revenues discounted at 10% attributable to Texas Royalty properties are located in the Wasson and Yates fields.

BROG has informed the Trustee that the 2009 capital expenditures budget with regard to the Waddell Ranch properties should total approximately $37.7 million gross of which $21.1 million gross is attributable to drilling, $16.1 million gross to workovers and recompletions, and $0.5 million gross to facilities.